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curb coach -- coke cash broke the law. lauren. >> well shawn herndon police working with u.s. park police this evening here in this clunt -- community. it is still an active scene along winter haven place at snowflake court. officials are here to serve a search warrant at the home of adam kokesh a political activist who made big headlines on the 4th of july. he planned a gun rights rally but he canceled it. he posted a video online which was recorded at freedom plaza. the former marine appears to road red shells into a pump action shotgun describing himself as part of the final american revolution. kokesh has a roommate back to the house -- he says he is a political activist as well and he defends kokesh's actions. >> we have a right to bear arms in all states. we shouldn't set standards of laws by imaginary lines called borders because state of virginia is open carry state. the only people allowed to walk with firearms are the criminals themselves. >> d.c. residents can have a rifle or shotgun at their home but there are rules for transporting firearms and police say that kokesh w
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1